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Posh Baby and Tot was born a few months after the birth of our first child. I realized very quickly teething can be a nightmare! I loved the way my daughter got relief from sinking her sore gums into the strong but soft silicone. I was always looking for alternative methods to relieve her pain without using harsh pharmaceuticals!

As a Dental Hygienist I knew allllll about why, how and when this was happening to her, but as a mom - I felt helpless. Mommy Necklaces were so helpful for us to keep her occupied while baby wearing, shopping etc. I would just take my necklace off while grocery shopping or in line to help entertain her. Now that she is a toddler she loves to wear my mommy necklaces herself and I like that she has a safer option then my gold and silver ;) 

    We are proudly a Canadian business and appreciate your love and support. If you have any questions, ideas or just want to share your photos, feel free to send them to us! poshbabyandtot@gmail.com  and make sure to follow us on Facebook for new designs, contests, and upcoming baby shows! @poshbabyandtot

    Thank you! 

    <3 xoxo